Hall of Acadie

Genealogy of the North-Eastern New Brunswick Canada Hall Family
Généalogie de la Famille Hall du Nord-Est du Nouveau Brunswick Canada
Y-DNA G2a2b2a1a1a1a1b - G-M201 - Z2017

Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Admirault, Pierre  9/5/1699Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I52547062
2 Allain, Pierre  CA 1691Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I55554383
3 Amirault dit Tourangeau, Anne  14/12/1691Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I67870052
4 Arsenault, Abraham  1678Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I54763422
5 Arsenault, Pierre  1676Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I57037080
6 Aucoin, Michelle Madeliene  Abt 1620Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I75118022
7 Babin, Pierre  1694Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I62067072
8 Babineau, Jean  1747Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I13097088
9 Bastarache, Anne  Abt 1691Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I47027501
10 Bastarache, Anne Marie  13/3/1728Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I89361576
11 Bastarache, Michel  7/2/1730Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I18608492
12 Bastarache, Pierre  18/7/1702Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I83756204
13 Beliveau, Felicite  11/8/1744Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I52052294
14 Beliveau, Jean-Antoine  Abt 1652Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I5535755
15 Beliveau, Pierre  4/8/1706Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I10279832
16 Belou, Jacques  1639Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I51491418
17 Benoit, Claude  Abt 1686Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I12701461
18 Bézier, Suzanne  CA 8/1685Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I35500416
19 Blanchard, Guillaume  1650Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I87792944
20 Blanchard, Guillaume  1650Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I22584842
21 Blanchard, Guillaume  1690Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I56057906
22 Blanchard, Guillaume  26/12/1714Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I49448111
23 Blanchard, Marguerite  12/2/1718Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I19709178
24 Blanchard, Marie Anne  Abt 1645Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I35491267
25 Blanchard, Marie-jeanne  1674Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I81755576
26 Blanchard, Marie-Josephe  20/11/1716Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I95705472
27 Blanchard, Martin  1647Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I48049963
28 Boudreau, Anne  30/9/1719Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I91509744
29 Boudreau, Charles  Abt 1646Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I65842332
30 Boudreau, Claude  CA 1663Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I19803352
31 Boudreau, Hilaire  24/4/1742Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I85652433
32 Boudreau, Pierre  30/6/1712Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I65263312
33 Boudrot, Abraham  CA 1657Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I95031275
34 Boudrot, Francois  Abt 1666Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I31441956
35 Boudrot, Francois  Abt 1701Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I39571916
36 Boudrot, Jean  1655Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I1722792
37 Boudrot, Jean  Abt 1694Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I63880926
38 Boudrot, Jeanne  Abt 1645Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I64269187
39 Boudrot, Joseph  Abt 1697Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I95281999
40 Boudrot, madeleine  Abt 1699Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I9691991
41 Boudrot, Marguerite  1648Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I30721964
42 Boudrot, Marie  Abt 1653Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I1078562
43 Boudrot, Marie  CA 1695Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I41904400
44 Boudrot, Marie-Anne  1677Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I61193174
45 Boudrot, Michel  Abt 1659Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I12311718
46 Boudrot, Michel  12/7/1706Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I17757328
47 Boudrot, Olivier  Abt 1661Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I79476838
48 Bourg, Claire  Abt 1682Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I67490558
49 Bourg, Jeanne  Abt 1653Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I97421924
50 Bourg, Marguerite  CA 1672Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I68759320

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Admirault, Pierre  23/5/1705Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I52547062
2 Blanchard, Guillaume  27/12/1714Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I49448111
3 Blanchard, Marguerite  13/2/1718Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I19709178
4 Bourgeois, Jeanne  30/3/1709Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I73527010
5 Doucet, Anne  9/9/1703Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I99718111
6 Lavergne, Cecile  2/3/1708Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I77895552
7 LeBreton Robert, Francois René dit LeBreton  Abt 1710Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I54705354
8 Robichaud, Louis dit Prudent  10/8/1704Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I84851256
9 Robichaud, Otho  29/4/1743Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I39184636
10 Thibodeau, Marie Madeleine  21/3/1717Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I7833664
11 Vigneau, Jacques Jacob  23/12/1702Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I91956846


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allain, Louis  15/6/1737Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I83458102
2 Arsenault, Abraham  1662Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I91665616
3 Aucoin, Jeanne  18/4/1718Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I68404680
4 Aucoin, Michelle Madeleine  17/12/1706Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I16980289
5 Aucoin, Michelle Madeliene  8/5/1710Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I75118022
6 Bastarache, Anne  20/9/1737Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I47027501
7 Bastarache, Pierre  7/5/1751Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I83756204
8 Basterretche, Jean Joannis  5/9/1733Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I37726984
9 Bayol, Rose  Bef 1678Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I51651244
10 Beliveau, Jean Charles  13/9/1707Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I41687156
11 Benoit, Martin  Aft 12/9/1712Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I75750250
12 Bernard, Marie  11/1/1719Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I86666502
13 Bézier, Pierre dit Joan dit Lariviere  11/3/1706Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I5925959
14 Blanchard, Guillaume  1710Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I87792944
15 Blanchard, Guillaume  13/10/1717Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I49448111
16 Blanchard, Guillaume  20/2/1752Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I56057906
17 Blanchard, Rene  4/12/1754Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I3407941
18 Boudrot, Francois  27/9/1733Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I31441956
19 Boudrot, Jeanne  8/5/1710Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I64269187
20 Boudrot, Marguerite  9/11/1718Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I30721964
21 Boudrot, Marie  19/9/1740Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I1078562
22 Boudrot, Lt General Michel  1687Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I4353312
23 Bourg, Antoine Abraham  5/10/1693Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I23547613
24 Bourg, Francoise  15/12/1715Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I98157824
25 Bourg, Marguerite  13/9/1727Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I68759320
26 Bourg, Marie  19/9/1730Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I85309952
27 Bourgeois, Francois  1684Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I59439454
28 Bourgeois, Francoise  1695Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I64851656
29 Bourgeois, Germain  1711Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I59305216
30 Bourgeois, Jacques dit Jacob  1699Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I69626872
31 Breau, Agathe  1758Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I99646814
32 Breau, Jean  17/4/1751Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I82631967
33 Breau, Marie dit Vincelotte  23/10/1749Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I94723088
34 Breau, Rene  Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I22893018
35 Breau, Vincent  CA 1685Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I8620298
36 Breault, Renée Marie  1678Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I25795287
37 Broussard, Jean Francois  31/12/1716Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I39897872
38 Brun, Abraham  9/7/1713Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I59370034
39 Brun, Andree  25/7/1721Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I20960130
40 Brun, Francoise  23/5/1725Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I13102936
41 Brun, Madeleine  Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I53571941
42 Brun, Madeleine  Bef 1753Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I35978078
43 Brun, Sebastien  15/8/1728Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I13501953
44 Brun, Vincent  Abt 1692Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I64131442
45 Canol, Marie-Anne  Abt 1792Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I7624834
46 Comeau, Etienne  1/1722Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I73985600
47 Comeau, Jean Claude Charles dit le jeune  4/11/1720Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I99546748
48 Comeau, Pierre  1690Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I53293880
49 Comeau, Pierre  8/4/1730Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I6760200
50 Comeau, Pierre dit L'esturgeon  08/04/1730Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I60848828

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Aucoin, Michelle Madeleine  18/12/1706Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I16980289
2 Blanchard, Guillaume  13/10/1717Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I49448111
3 Blanchard, Guillaume  20/2/1752Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I56057906
4 Boudrot, Marie  19/9/1730Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I1078562
5 Bourg, Marie  19/9/1730Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I85309952
6 Breau, Marie dit Vincelotte  24/10/1749Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I94723088
7 Comeau, Etienne  22/1/1722Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I73985600
8 Comeau, Pierre dit L'esturgeon  09/04/1730Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I60848828
9 Doucet, Marguerite Louise Judith  20/12/1707Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I92415377
10 Dugas, Abraham  20/12/1707Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I93781240
11 Dupuis, Pierre  9/9/1709Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I38248005
12 Gaudet, Denis  11/10/1709Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I40849840
13 Gaudet, Jeanne Marie  3/5/1734Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I22625848
14 Gaudet, Marie Anne  30/7/1710Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I97742528
15 Gautrot, Marguerite  3/8/1727Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I77176486
16 Girouard-Lavaranne, Jacques  28/10/1703Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I66861521
17 Leger, Jacques dit Larosette  28/3/1751Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I64570330
18 Pregent LeBreton, Jean  6/6/1733Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I84388696
19 Richard, Anne-Madeleine  8/12/1754Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I93213029
20 Savoie, Marguerite  17/1/1711Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I35833352
21 Theriault, Claude  17/9/1725Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I46823936
22 Trahan, Anne Madeleine  9/12/1742Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I84514740


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Arsenault, Pierre  1671Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I57037080
2 Boudrot, Lt General Michel  Abt 1642Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I4353312
3 Bourgeois, Jacques dit Jacob  1641Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I69626872
4 Hebert, Antoine  1650Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I48045603
5 Martin, Pierre  1636Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I21293039
6 Trahan, Guillaume  1636Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I14889644
7 Trahan, Jeanne  1636Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I5065132
8 Vigneau, Marie Catheriene  1636Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I80061124


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Arsenault, Pierre  1671Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada I18682481


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Lambert  Abt 1642Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F41645536
2 Admirault / Brun  8/7/1726Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F18238720
3 Allain / Bourg  Abt 1690Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F38842634
4 Amirault / Pitre  1683Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F48985936
5 Arsenault / Dugas  1675Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F1274656
6 Babin / Richard  CA 1685Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F21971540
7 Babineau /   Abt 1691Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F34830732
8 Babineau / Granger  CA 1687Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F88268992
9 Babineau / Savoie  26/4/1711Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F9921026
10 Bastarache / Forest  9/1/1723Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F24259294
11 Bastarache / Gaudet  13/6/1753Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F70747691
12 Basterretche / Vincent  1685Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F86140784
13 Beliveau / Bourg  1673Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F89208935
14 Beliveau / Gaudet  12/1/1728Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F30166639
15 Beliveau / Guyon  1650Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F21130698
16 Beliveau / Melanson  1696Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F25846482
17 Belou / Girouard  circa 1669Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F50439741
18 Bergeron / Serreau  Abt 1695Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F29600416
19 Bertrand / Leger  1721Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F1750822
20 Bézier / Brun  CA 1684Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F71978670
21 Blanchard / Dupuis  16/1/1714Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F260015
22 Blanchard / Gougeon  Abt 1673Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F3346265
23 Blanchard / Lambert  circa 1642Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F46515491
24 Blanchard / Poirier  circa 1672Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F98294657
25 Blanchard / Savoie  18/1/1708Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F84380276
26 Boudreau / Bourg  1674Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F26737636
27 Boudreau / Melanson  31/1/1734Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F28282238
28 Boudrot / Beliveau  Abt 1692Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F83403637
29 Boudrot / Cormier  Abt 1690Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F38393904
30 Boudrot / Melanson  Abt 1686Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F47720336
31 Bourg / Landry  1642Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F8074876
32 Bourgeois / Boudrot  Abt 1665Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F99138731
33 Bourgeois / Brun  Abt 1670Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F72185437
34 Bourgeois / Dugas  1668Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F58226200
35 Bourgeois / Trahan  1643Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F63029590
36 Braud / Michel  29/10/1726Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F40843647
37 Breau / Bourg  CA 1661Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F54048802
38 Broussard / Thibodeau  1725Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F43533117
39 Brun / Bourg  1676Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F77095990
40 Casey / Poirier  1668Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F97708996
41 Chiasson / Doucet  3/11/1722Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F85370159
42 Comeau / Bayol  Abt 1649Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F29069328
43 Comeau / Bayon  Abt 1649Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F18039294
44 Comeau / Bézier  25/1/1704Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F29250688
45 Comeau / Blanchard  16/1/1737Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F55881184
46 Comeau / Bourgeois  Abt 1677Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F16800856
47 Comeau / Hebert  Abt 1677Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F20605579
48 Comeau / Landry  1694Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F57115839
49 Comeau / Lefebvre  Abt 1670Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F58012932
50 Corberon / Savoie  CA 1670Port Royal,Annapolis,Nova Scotia,Canada F90737628

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