Hall of Acadie

Genealogy of the North-Eastern New Brunswick Canada Hall Family
Généalogie de la Famille Hall du Nord-Est du Nouveau Brunswick Canada
Y-DNA G2a2b2a1a1a1a1b1b - G-M201 - Z2017 - Z31377 - G-FT213870

Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada


Tree: Halltree
Latitude: 47.620000, Longitude: -65.650000


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Arsenault, Gregoire  20/06/1801Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I83262543 Halltree 
2 Boudreau, Eusebe  19/09/1807Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I26868776 Halltree 
3 Boyle, Mary Jane  Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I28056816 Halltree 
4 Chiasson, Augustin  31/8/1796Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I57596976 Halltree 
5 Corkery, Margaret  Abt 1829Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I53880400 Halltree 
6 Doucet, Charles  Abt 1758Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I91614451 Halltree 
7 Gionet, Madeleine  Abt 1769Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I40441105 Halltree 
8 Godin, Alexendre  14/8/1826Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I24051108 Halltree 
9 Godin, David  7/2/1822Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I74980243 Halltree 
10 Godin, Helene  1/3/1831Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I63679485 Halltree 
11 Godin, James  29/10/1837Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I98789402 Halltree 
12 Godin, Luce  28/9/1828Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I19912286 Halltree 
13 Godin, Marguerite  10/8/1833Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I5381900 Halltree 
14 Godin, Marie  27/2/1824Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I12540820 Halltree 
15 Godin, Pierre  12/8/1820Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I11699054 Halltree 
16 Hall, Alice Marie   I58356670 Halltree 
17 Hall, Allan Micheal  23/3/1928Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I24586384 Halltree 
18 Hall, Amos Francis  Abt 1844Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I40044498 Halltree 
19 Hall, Edward  14/8/1854Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I77132894 Halltree 
20 Hall, Frances Jane  16/2/1890Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I48709568 Halltree 
21 Hall, Joseph Edward   I73290738 Halltree 
22 Hall, Julia  18/10/1895Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I61989744 Halltree 
23 Hall, Katherine Elleene  7/1909Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I94149008 Halltree 
24 Hall, Margaret  19/1/1885Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I83036534 Halltree 
25 Hall, Margerite Alma   I5695168 Halltree 
26 Hall, Mary Ann  2/6/1892Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I71555350 Halltree 
27 Hall, Michael Amos  1/5/1888Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I69431872 Halltree 
28 Hall, William  Abt 1848Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I92445128 Halltree 
29 Hall, William Gerald   I92273785 Halltree 
30 Hall, William Joseph  17/7/1883Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I94471121 Halltree 
31 LeBlanc, Marguerite  Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I92511952 Halltree 
32 Lejeune, Margerite  26/02/1809Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I50369908 Halltree 
33 Porlier, Marie-Aurelie  19/11/1854Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I29907924 Halltree 
34 Robertson, Anne  15/7/1792Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I92379400 Halltree 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Boudreau, Eusebe  20/09/1807Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I26868776 Halltree 


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Arsenault, Marie-Anne  23/7/1845Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I71328436 Halltree 
2 Arseneau, Albert  15/10/2002Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I99630598 Halltree 
3 Arseneau, Marie  25/9/2009Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I98100186 Halltree 
4 Boudreau, Alban  22/12/2010Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I45093079 Halltree 
5 Boudreau, Joseph  8/12/1797Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I81167712 Halltree 
6 Boudreau, Joseph  8/12/1797Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I47404918 Halltree 
7 Comeau, Francois dit le jeune  1832Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I65061065 Halltree 
8 Cormier, Paul  18/7/1863Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I17717034 Halltree 
9 Curry, Catherine  3/3/1885Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I51415469 Halltree 
10 Doucet, Charles dit Charlitte  14/9/1798Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I13452808 Halltree 
11 Doucet, Charles  4/4/1846Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I91614451 Halltree 
12 Dugas, Emelda  29/03/2008Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I68315872 Halltree 
13 Foley, Margaret  5/9/1918Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I17870592 Halltree 
14 Godin, Elie  08/03/2010Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I41497214 Halltree 
15 Godin, Imelda  21/4/1991Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I67721876 Halltree 
16 Godin, Julien  15/04/2010Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I11969384 Halltree 
17 Godin, Louis Joseph  05/01/2006Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I65438355 Halltree 
18 Godin, Raymond  25/02/2006Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I40720740 Halltree 
19 Guitard, Jeannette  15/1/1999Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I81767306 Halltree 
20 Hall, Albert  21/9/2009Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I55220257 Halltree 
21 Hall, Aline  11/03/2014Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I49236379 Halltree 
22 Hall, Allan Micheal  25/10/1995Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I24586384 Halltree 
23 Hall, Claudette  22/11/2013Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I48265972 Halltree 
24 Hall, Edward  15/4/1904Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I77132894 Halltree 
25 Hall, Francis Xavier (Frank)  7/11/1981Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I8119600 Halltree 
26 Hall, Joseph Edouard (Eddy)  6/4/1992Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I25067552 Halltree 
27 Hall, Mary Ann  10/10/1920Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I71555350 Halltree 
28 Hall, Michael Amos  2/7/1950Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I69431872 Halltree 
29 Hall, Regina  15/10/1977Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I36252046 Halltree 
30 Hall, William Henry  1895Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I91860052 Halltree 
31 Hall, William Joseph  18/4/1949Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I94471121 Halltree 
32 Ketney (Cattenaugh), Isabel  1836Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I4279848 Halltree 
33 LeBouthillier, Daniel Dan  23/3/1999Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I79278148 Halltree 
34 Losier, Lilianne  7/1/2010Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I96694497 Halltree 
35 Morrison, Helene  21/08/1837Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I41923776 Halltree 
36 Orillon dit Champagne, Felicite  08/1813Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I5071616 Halltree 
37 Richardson, Alvelina (Evelyne)  29/6/1995Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I69069348 Halltree 
38 Robertson, James dit John  29/10/1834Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I93186411 Halltree 
39 Roy, Clovis  12/9/2003Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I96883475 Halltree 
40 Thebault, Anne  22/12/1812Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I35328582 Halltree 
41 Theriault, Marguerite  11/6/1819Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I99288973 Halltree 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hall, Claudette  26/11/2013Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I48265972 Halltree 
2 Orillon dit Champagne, Felicite  01/09/1813Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada I5071616 Halltree 


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Arseneau / Arseneau   F92780100 Halltree 
2 Boudreau / LeBlanc  4/5/1802Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada F92852974 Halltree 
3 Brideau / Hebert  3/7/1787Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada F4025575 Halltree 
4 Chiasson / Daigle  28/6/1790Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada F37733656 Halltree 
5 Comeau / Boudreau  1795Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada F89225848 Halltree 
6 Davidson / Hall  30/4/1936Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada F41297393 Halltree 
7 DeGrace / Godin  Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada F63192084 Halltree 
8 Doucet / Theriault  30/5/1814Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada F78568186 Halltree 
9 Godin / Dugas  23/9/1978Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada F26791604 Halltree 
10 Godin / Robertson  3/11/1817Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada F52678684 Halltree 
11 Godin / Robertson  26/10/1819Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada F53862773 Halltree 
12 Hache / Cormier  7/4/1812Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada F51461020 Halltree 
13 Hall / Brennan  15/9/1908Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada F67264184 Halltree 
14 Hall / Curry  14/7/1841Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada F34863792 Halltree 
15 Hall / Dubois   F4240619 Halltree 
16 Hall / Foley  31/1/1882Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada F59855740 Halltree 
17 Hall / Vienneau  9/11/1927Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada F76417690 Halltree 
18 Lejeune / Doucet  18/05/1808Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada F31282158 Halltree 
19 Pitre / Theriault  26/10/1819Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada F79861360 Halltree 
20 Roy / Boudreau  22/11/1813Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada F69977984 Halltree 
21 Roy / Godin  1785Bathurst,Gloucester,New Brunswick,Canada F23636224 Halltree 

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